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The Clone shadow trooper as designed by me.

I am Akshatagarwal, a LEGO and Minecraft YouTuber known as darthholo, I own A&R Productions and you can visit our channel hereor visit our site at Enjin, these are my favorite pages on the wiki:

My LEGO Star Wars collection

My custom LEGO minifigures and sets

  • Royal Destructor (Star Wars)
  • Republic Transport ship (Star Wars)
  • Bounty Hunter Inferno ship (Agents)
  • Bounty Hunter attack skiff (Agents)
  • Slick-Class Droid Battle Tank (Star Wars)
  • The ruins of Hogwarts (Harry Potter)
  • Gryphindor Common room (Harry Potter)
  • Clone Shadow Trooper (Star Wars)
  • Phase II Commander Cody (Star Wars)
  • Lord Garmadon (Young) (Ninjago)
  • Lord Garmadon (Good) (Ninjago)
  • Sensei Wu (Young) (Ninjago)
  • Mail Carrier (Ninjago)
  • Barbarians (Clash of Clans)
  • Archers (Clash of Clans)
  • Archers (Level 5) (Clash of Clans)
  • Goblins (Clash of Clans)
  • Goblins (Level 5) (Clash of Clans)
  • Wall breakers (Clash of Clans)
  • Balloons (Clash of Clans)
  • Balloons (Level 5) (Clash of Clans)
  • Hogriders (Clash of Clans)
  • Valirakies (Clash of Clans)

The Winner of the Jedi Poll is Anakin! Any other votes after this statement will not be accounted for!. This statement accounts for after 12:17, August 10, 2013 (UTC)

<poll> What is your favorite LEGO Sith? Emperor Palpatine/Chancellor Palpatine (Darth Sidious) Count Dooku (Darth Tyranus) Anakin Skywalker (Darth vader) Asajj Ventress Darth Maul (Normal) Darth maul (Clone Wars) Savage Opress Galen Marek (Darth Vader's apprentice)

</poll The Winner of the Sith Poll is the Clone Wars edition of Darth Maul! Any other votes after this statement will not be accounted for!. This statement accounts for after 6:06, May 12, 2014 (EST)