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TIE Fighters are small, agile Imperial ships, that are light, and fast in battle. They are driven by TIE Pilots, and have twin laser blasters on the front. They have no deflector shields, or hyper drive, and have a small, one-man cockpit in between two huge wings. LEGO® made five different versions of this ship: One in 2001, one in 2005, one in 2012, and two mini versions.

2001 Version

The 2001 version of the

2001 TIE Fighter

 TIE Fighter included 169 pieces, and was called "TIE Fighter". It included minifigures of a TIE Pilot and a Stormtrooper. It's set number was #7146, and it came with a servicing and refueling rack, which could also be used as a display stand. The cockpit in the middle moves up and down on a hinge above it.

2005 Version

The 2005 version of the TIE Fighter was much like the first one, but with slight modifacations. The set

2005 TIE Fighter

was also called "TIE Fighter". The set included only 159 pieces, and it too had two minifigures: A TIE Pilot ; and Darth Vader. It's set number was #7263, and it could stand on its wings. It had a hinged cockpit like the 2001 version, and two small red dots as laser blasters. Also, Darth Vader's lightsaber could light up.

Mini Versions

Two mini versions of the TIE Fighter were released. One in 2002, and one in 2008. They were part of the Mini Sets Collection.


2002 Mini TIE Fighter

The 2002 Mini version of the TIE fighter had 12 pieces, and was called "MINI TIE Fighter". It was one of the first of the Lego® Mini sets. It's set number was #3219.


2008 Mini TIE Fighter

The 2008 Mini version of the TIE Fighter had 44 pieces, and was too called "MINI TIE Fighter", except that it's set number was #8028. It was also larger than the 2002 version, and it was made out of all black, blue, and grey (and also 1 transparent piece).

2011 Extra-Mini

Mini TIE Fighter.jpg

In 2011, a even smaller Mini version of a TIE Fighter was released. The TIE Fighter only was made of 5 pieces, and it came in the 2011 Star Wars Advent Calendar.

Other TIE Fighters

(These were not made by the LEGO company)