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Shadow Clones, or Stealth Clones were specialised clone troopers trained for stealth missions, such as the testing of a stealth ship or secret deliveries. Thier armour was a grey colour, which helped them remain nearly invisible while in dark areas. They were also specially trained so that they would not automatically turn on lights and activate torches.

Equipment and Weaponry

Shadow Clones shared the same weapons as normal clones, though normally with silencers. Their armour, however, differed from other clone troopers not only in the colouring, but also in the design of their helmets.


While the Shadow Clone is a variation of a clone trooper, it also has two variations: the Clone Shadow Trooper and Shadow ARF Trooper. This trooper shares the same armour as its counterpart, the standard ARF Trooper.

In game apperances

The Shadow clone has appeared in the Star Wars III :The Clone Wars video game (DS only). He has the same abilities as other clones, but he must be unlocked with in-game studs.