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A Biker scout trooper was an Imperial stormtrooper specially trained for scouting and reconnaissance. A minifigure of the scout trooper was first made by Lego® 1999. They wore white armor and resembled Clone Swamp Troopers. They use small blaster pistols and rocket launchers. They also have many items that help them survive and operate on their own, such as water purifiers, and stormtrooper rations.

Role in Lego® Star Wars

Scout troopers were included in the very first Lego Star Wars set: 7128 Speeder Bikes. They originally had a yellow head, with a picture of black goggles printed on them. Later, around 2002, the Scout trooper minifigures were included with all black heads instead. The Scout Trooper's torso has a similar decal to the armour found on the stormtrooper


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