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Satele Shan was the Grand Master of the Jedi Order during the Cold War.


Satele Shan was the padawan of master Kao Cen Darach. She fought alongside him against the Sith armada which attacked Korriban. Shan duelled against Darth Malgus and his Sith master, Lord Vindican and was able to escape them. Her master fell in a duel against the two Sith. Satele returned to the Jedi order to report what happened and learned that the reoccupation of Korriban was only the first move in a larger strike. The Sith had returned to conquer the galaxy. This was the start of the Great Galactic War. Shan became a Jedi afterwards and took part in the Battle of Alderaan. In this battle, she managed to defeat Darth Malgus. The Great Galactic War ended whenthe Sith attacked Coruscant, the Galactic Republic's capital. The Treaty of Coruscant made peace between the Sith and the Republic and was the beginning of the Cold War. During this time, Satele Shan became a Jedi master. Later, she served as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order.


A minifigure of her is included in the 9497 Republic Striker Starfighter set. The minifigure features a double-sided head. One side features an angry expression and the other side features a friendly expression. This minifigure is equipped with a double-bladed blue lightsaber. It consists of a unique torso and unique legs. The torso features a double-sided print. The minifigure's hairpiece is also designed uniquely to this figure.

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