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The R4-P17 droid originally possessed the R4-series' trademark conical head dome, but was involved in a messy incident while trying to repair a trash compactor on Gyndine, resulting in the droid being crushed. Anakin Skywalker, on a visit to the shipyards to inspect the Jedi customizations to the Delta-7, found R4's wreck and rebuilt her with an R2-series dome. Now the communal property of the Jedi Temple, R4 became the prototype for other integrated droid navigators in Jedi ships.

During the Clone Wars, the Jedi began to transition away from the Delta-7. R4 was given a full astromech body to make her compatible with the new Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor used by General Kenobi.

R4-P17 later had her head torn off due to a buzz droid attack in the Battle of Coruscant while aboard Kenobi's Eta-2, and the remains of the droid were lost for good when the rear half of Invisible Hand broke off while Skywalker and Kenobi tried to land the damaged flagship.

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