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R2-KT is an astromech droid who appeared in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series, as well as in Episode VII: The Force Awakens.


R2-KT was created sometime during the Clone Wars. She aided Anakin Skywalker and Ashoka Tano in the rescue of Rotta the Huttlet. She would be seen 50 years later at the Resistance base on D'Qar.

She has not yet appeared in an official Lego set, but she does appear in the video game Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens as a playable character with all the same abilities as any other astromech, like R2-D2.

Appearances in movies

  • Episode VII: The Force Awakens (cameo)

Appearances in Video Games

Appearances in other media


  • The real R2-KT is the former companion of Katie Johnson, the seven-year-old daughter of Albin Johnson, founder of the 501st Legion charity group. The droid was built to watch over her in her final days, due to her being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2004. Katie has since passed away, but R2-KT is still used at charity events. The droid has since raised millions of dollars for charity, and has been made canon with her appearances in the Clone Wars TV series and The Force Awakens.