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han solo:you can count on me sis  luke skywalker:me too sis that sound werid to you guys (everyone agreeing)

emperor:i have a plan to get rid of the rebels for destroying the death star.  darth vader:bold thinking my master a lesser empiror would have done somehing stupid like building another death star emperor:i shall build another death star darth vader:best idea ever emperor:and whats even better that we can build it toghter just me and my boys

darth vader: that's a brilliant plan i wait did you say boys (darth maul enters singing)i am awsome soo awsome i sooo awsome awsome awsome and handsome awsome awsome awsome im so awsome whats up wezzey darth vader:show off  darth vader:i got sand up my nooooooooose  other than that i fell peachy. emperor:oh boys i really thought we could do this toghter( darth vader and darth maul light saber duel)darth maul:nice job on the death star ani dath vader:beat it horn head darth maul:make me plether pants darth vader:don't call me that (force chokeing darth maul)darth maul:aggh (darth maul chokes darth vader)emperor:stop that play nice (emperor lightning forces them both.princess leia:boss nass on the behalf of the rebel alliance we a grateful that you are helping us boss nass:messa gungan messa happy to help big happy (shakes head and drools) princess leia:well i boss nass:big happy (drools and gets han and leia wet) blagghhhhh(opens umbrella)leia and han:phew ( boss nass still drolls)so where is the so-called army (jar jar binks and gungan soldiers arrive)jar jar: messa  reporting  for dodo boss nass:no not themsa han solo:that's are relief boss nass: themsa  (green gungan soldiers  arrive  and droll) han solo oh come on.