This article is about the carbonite variant of the minifigure. You may be looking for the character.

Han Solo (frozen in carbonite) is a minifigure based on the appearance of Han Solo after he was frozen in Carbonite by Darth Vader in Cloud City. He isn't a regular minifigure, but a brick with the image of Han frozen in Carbonite printed on it. He also appears in Lego® Star Wars: The Complete Saga as an extra toggle character. Now he appears in the new Slave I. The new piece has a feature where you can take an actual Han solo and put him on the back of the new carbonite form and stick him inside the carbonite form. Also, the real life-sized figure was made by Nathan Sawaya. He can also be unlocked in the Lego Star Wars video games, by turning on the extra:
Han Solo Carbonite

The original piece

Extra Toggle.

Appearances in Lego®


Episode V

Episode VI



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