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Extra toggle is an extra in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga and Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy. With this on, this extra allows you to play as 16 characters you normally can't play as. Each character is only playable on certain levels.

The "extra toggle" characters

  • Skeleton (LSWII: Playable in IV-2, IV-4, V-2, V-4, VI-2, VI-4, and VI-5) (LSWTCS: Playable in II-4, III-5, IV-2, IV-4, V-2, V-4, VI-2, VI-4, VI-5, Episode III Character Bonus)
  • Buzz Droid (LSWTCS: Playable in III-1, III-2, III-3, Episode II Character Bonus)
  • Training Remote (LSWTCS: Playable in III-5 only)
  • Rebel Engineer (LSWII: Playable in IV-1, V-2) (LSWTCS: Playable in IV-1, V-2, and bonus mission "A New Hope")
  • Droid 1 (LSWII and LSWTCS: Playable in IV-2, IV-3, Episode IV Character Bonus) 
  • Droid 2 (see Droid 1 for appearances)
  • Droid 3 (see Droid 1 for appearances)
  • Droid 4 (see Droid 1 for appearances)
  • Womp Rat (LSWII: Playable in IV-2, IV-3, VI-1, VI-4, Episode IV Character Bonus) (LSWTCS: Playable in IV-2, IV-3, VI-1, VI-4, LEGO City, New Town, Episode IV Character Bonus)
  • Mouse Droid (LSWII and LSWTCS: Playable in IV-4, IV-5, VI-5)
  • Imperial Engineer (LSWII and LSWTCS: Playable in IV-4, IV-5, VI-4, VI-5, Episode VI Character Bonus)
  • Han Solo (frozen in carbonite) (LSWII and LSWTCS: Playable in V-5, V-6, VI-1, Episode V Character Bonus)
  • AT-AT Driver (LSWII and LSWTCS: Playable in VI-3 only)
  • Scout Trooper (LSWII and LSWTCS: Playable in VI-3, VI-4)
  • Rancor (LSWTCS: Playable in Episode I Minikit Bonus only)
  • Wampa (LSWII and LSWTCS: Playable in Episode V Minikit Bonus only)