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Elite Assassin Droid is a minifigure of an IG-series Assassin Droid. Elite Assassin Droids come in a black colour as opposed to the standard silver.


The Elite Assassin Droid has black pieces, except for one transparent orange stud]] used in the head. This head is made up of a clip which joins the head to the torso, black cone which is attached to the clip, the transparent orange stud to represent photoreceptors, and a black stud on top for the top of the head. The torso, legs and arms are all the same as the pieces used in a standard Battle Droid, but in black. One arm is turned so that the droid is able to hold a blaster.


The Elite Assassin Droid has more programming and more armor than a regular Assassin Droid, making it more deadly. The elite assassin droid is the best of the best. Encased in black armor, this skilled assassin can blend into the shadows during a top-secret mission. Ziro the Hutt made use of these droids during the Clone Wars, as did the Confederacy of Independent Systems in some cases. These CIS IG-86 droids often rode speeder bikes into battle.