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Battle droids

Droids, short for androids, were robots: mechanical beings, often possessing artificial intelligence. They were used in a variety of roles and environments, often those considered too menial or too dangerous for Humans and other species. Droids were also used in fields that required extensive specialization and knowledge, such as medical droids and astromech droids.

Capabilities of droids

Depending on the model and its corresponding purpose, droids were totally obedient, rugged, expandable, capable of vast memory recall, and mathematically precise. These characteristics made them well suited for many jobs, though the lack of independent thought in the cheaper, less advanced models limited their capability. This lack of autonomy was simultaneously a vast asset and a glaring weakness — an asset in terms of obedience and control but a massive drawback in terms of effectiveness. Designers faced a fundamental paradox — make the droids overly intelligent, and they might rebel; yet make the droids not intelligent enough and they would be ineffectual. Customarily, droid names were an arrangement of numbers and letters.

Difficulty in name

The words droid and robot are generally taken to mean the same thing. However, the official definition of a droid is "a mechanical being with a self-aware consciousness, as distinguished from a computer by having a self-contained method of locomotion."

List of Droid Types

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Astromech droids

Protocol droids

Assassin droids

Battle droids