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Darth Malgus was a Lord of the Sith active during the Great Galactic War. He led the Sith's attack on the Republic's capital, Coruscant in 3.653 BBY. Malgus later rebelled against the Sith Emperor and founded his own empire. But Malgus was defeated during the Battle of Ilum and his empire was dissolved. The Sith Lord fled and his fate is currently unknown.

Early Life

Darth Malgus was born under the name Veradun, who attended the Sith Academy in Dromund Kaas. He was a fierce frontline warrior. He learned dozens of languages and employed mercenaries from species long thought untrustworthy. Injuries sustained during a fierce battle in Alderaan required him to wear a respirator mask.


One of his most successful campaigns was the destruction of the Jedi Temple in Coruscant.