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Commander Gree is a clone trooper and a Star Wars themed minifigure released in 2012.


Senior Clone Commander CC-1004, nicknamed Gree, was a Clone Trooper during The Clone Wars. He served under Luminara Unduli as her commander during the war. He was killed during Order 66 alongside a Clone Scout Trooper by Master Yoda as they attempted to kill him.

Role in Lego® Star Wars

Commander Gree 2.jpg

Commander Gree appears in the set 9491 Geonosian Cannon, where he accompanies Barriss Offee and fights against two Geonosians. He features a helmet with unique green printing and a torso with green printing and an ammunition belt. He is wearing the clone wars phase I  armor. He also appears in 75043 AT-AP. He has Kashyyyk Phase II armor.


  • On the preliminary box art, Commander Cody (without his armour additions) was used as a placeholder for Gree.

Appearances in Lego®


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