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A battle on Hoth

The Battle of Hoth started in 3 ABY when the Galactic Empire dispatched a Probe Droid to the desolate planet of Hoth, home to the Rebel Alliance's secret Echo Base. Luke Skywalker discovered it but could not clearly identify it. Then later Han Solo and Chewbacca activated it's self-destruct mechanism. The Empire, meanwhile, deployed several AT-AT Walkers and A5 Juggernauts to the surface. Since the Snowspeeder's laser cannons were too weak to penetrate the AT-AT's thick armor, Luke Skywalker employed an unorthodox tactic that involved wrapping the tow cable

The Empire battling on Hoth

equipped on all Snowspeeders around the legs of an AT-AT, tripping it and causing heavy damage. Luke downed one AT-AT this way, but then his Snowspeeder was hit by a laser blast, killing his gunner Dak Ralter instantly. He barely escaped from the wreckage before an AT-AT's powerful foot crushed the remains of his snowspeeder. Luke destroyed one more AT-AT by hooking onto the leg with a grappling hook, slicing a hole in the underside of the vehicle with his father's Lightsaber, and tossing thermal detonators into the opening. shortly

after, he returned to base and helped in escorting the Rebel Transports past the Imperial fleet to safety. The battle was not a total loss for the Rebel Alliance, however. They took down two walkers and disabled the Star Destroyer "Tyrant."Mark Borlase made an astounding re-creation of the Battle of Hoth.

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