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Astromech Droids  were famous types of droids, used mainly by the Galactic Republic. R2-D2 was one of them. A red droid head was released with the 6207 V-Wing Starfighter. The R2-Series of Astromech Droids were considered the most porfitable and most successful of all Astromech Droids due to their durability and cheap price. Many pilots had one of these droids to help fix broken parts of ships, control the computer or help through Hyperspace.

Role in Lego® Star Wars

Many astromech droids were released as heads only, in most droid starfighters (with the exception of the Delta-7B.) A red astromech Droid was released in a few sets, and was confirmed to be a different, and random droid in each set. A green droid was released aboard the Republic Cruiser, but never appeared in Episode I. They served to conduct some vehicles, repair vehicles and open doors with codes.

Notable astromech droids in Lego®

R1 Units

R-2 Units

R3- Units

R-4 Units

R-5 Units

R6- units

  • R6-H5


R-7 Units

R-8 Units