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Advanced Recon Force troopers, better known as ARF troopers, are specialized clones which were commonly tasked with scouting enemy positions on a battlefield. They are trained to handle special weapons and to pilot many republic vehicles, including AT-RTs and BARC Speeders. When they first trained they rode on live animals. Though similar in some ways to Clone Commandos in that they were well-trained and were taught to be stealthy, their roles differed as their primary duties were information gathering and initiating surprise attacks.

Role in Lego® Star Wars

The ARF trooper minifigures have been included in two sets. Their minifigure has a black head, and a normal clone body. The helmet resembles the helmets on scout troopers, but has painted on black and green markings. In 2012, a set including an ARF trooper was released, but it had a few differences. The arms were a magenta color. It also had markings on the sides of the helmet that were in the same color.


Appearances in Lego®