The 9487 Droid Developer Kit is a set based on Lego Mindstorms. It was released in 1999 and consisted of 657 pieces. This set contains pieces to build an R2-D2 model as well as models of other droids. Description

Bring droids to life with the powerful Micro Scout — No computer programming required! Build and program R2-D2 and L-3GO droids using step-by-step building instructions and guided help from the CD-ROM. Next, create nine snap-on assemblies with step-by-step instructions on the CD-ROM. Then use the building tips to construct even more complex droids. Next we give you partial building instructions for master level droids like a battle droid and a Gungan sub - but then you're on your own. Includes the Micro Scout with a built in light sensor, motor and seven built-in programs. Each droid can be built separately using the same pieces. PC only required for CD-ROM building instructions. Requires 2AA batteries (not included). Ages 9- . 657 pieces.

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