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The 8001 Technic Battle Droid is a technic model of the battle droid that was released in 2000.


The Lego® Technic Battle Droid was much like the battle droids in the Star Wars movies, it has an unfolding feature in which it unfolds from a compact state. A gear on the back controls the figure's right arm, allowing it to access a blaster in a holster on the back. It has a magnet init's hand which allows the blaster to stay in the hand It also comes with several alternative pieces that can be used to create a Battle droid commander and a security battle droid.


B1 Battle Droids, also known as Battle Droids, made up the majority of the Trade Federation army and later the Seperatist army. These battle droids usually carried blasters. They were designed to defeat their enemies through their sheer numbers, rather than winning through strategy or skill. They were inexpensive and easily mass-produced in factories. One such factory was on Geonosis. Another factory was on Mustafar