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The new Lego® Republic Gunship is part of the Clone Wars line, which was released in the summer of 2008. All the gunship's minifigs are brand new, including one clone trooper, Obi-Wan (Clone Wars), Asajj Ventress (with Skirt); Plo Koon; and Commander Cody with a kama, pauldron and visor on helmet.


The Gunship has flick firing missiles, opening and closing doors that cover the entire cabin and have transparent window bricks on them. It also includes a speeder bike in the cabin that can be deployed from the back, a bacta healing tank for wounded troopers, two probe droids which are stored in a small compartment on the top, a forward command center which can be deployed from compartment on the front sides under the cockpits and two supply lockers on each side of the Gunship above the crew bay.

Pictures and release

Lego® revealed its summer 2008 sets and minifigures at the UK Toy Fair, the stand included the new Gunship and it's minifigures.[1]