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The 7671 AT-AP Walker (All Terrain Attack Pod) set comes with two clone trooper minifigures. It was released in 2008. It can walk on 2 legs but also has a third retractable leg which tucks under the fuselage. It is seen in Episode III on Kashyyyk and Felucia.

Minifigures Description

All Terrain Attack Pod of the Republic!

Bombard the enemies of the Republic from long range with the AT-AP (All Terrain Attack Pod) walker! Extend the retractable stabilizer leg, open the roof and side doors to access the cockpit, and elevate, rotate or release the top-mounted heavy blaster cannon.

  • Includes 2 shocktroopers!
  • Lift open the top and sides to access the controls!
  • Blaster cannon rotates in all directions!
  • AT-AP is over 8" (20cm) tall and over 6" (15cm) wide!