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Watto's Junkyard is a set released in 2001. This set was originally retailing for $49.99, and includes minifigures Watto and Aldar Beedo. It also includes 2 Podracers, Aldar Beedo's podracer is blue, while Mawhonic's green. Though Mawhonic was not included in the set himself, he appeared in the Lego Star Wars: The Video Game.

Watto's Junkyard


Watto's Junkyard

junkyard itself isn't all that big its just wattos shop (without a roof ) and wattos counter that he hovers behind.It has some tools at the back (or front) and has other tools in a box on the counter. it also has some junk like the:

  • Weird grey piecs
  • Podracer cables
  • Podracer energy Beams
  • Mawhonics wrecked pod

Aldar Beedo's Podracer

Aldar Beedo's

Aldar Beedo'a Podracer (back)

Podracer is Very Detailed with the 6 Airbrakes (that can be used in stopmotion), 2 air vents (1 on each engine) The red thing at the back of the cockpit and more... It also has room for Aldar Beedo in the cockpit and has 2 red thrusters on each engine.

Mawhonic's Podracer

The downside to this set is that you have to take apart the junkyard to build ma

Mawhonics Podracer (back)Note:Wattos is not ment to be driving and the engines are the wrong way around.

whonics podracer stand but you can buy parts to build another one form pick a brick on lego shop .Also mawhonic isn't included in the set, he could have been, he would be making a deal with watto to get his pod rebuilt, who knows he may be in the Character encyclopedia book or in a future podracer set.

The pod itself (when built) is very detailed, it has the flaps that move up and down when you turn (see Star Wars Episode 1 Racer and Star Wars Racer Revenge) it has a cockpit to fit a pilot (you could use watto) preferebly mawhonic but as you know he doesn't come with the set, but there are a few customs out there, check this one out: Lego Mawhonic. Mawhonic's Podracer also appears in the set Mos Espa Podrace. Description

What will you discover in Watto's junkyard?

Build' a Podracer and other cool machines with the "junk" you find. But prepare for some pretty serious negotiations if you want to buy anything from Watto — he's the toughest wheeler-dealer on Tatooine! Set comes with Watto and Aldar Beedo. Ages 8+. 446 pieces.

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