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7128 Speeder Bikes was released in 1999 and was among the first Lego® Star Wars sets to be ever released. This set contains 90 pieces. It also contains 3 minifigures, and a small tree from Endor. It was originally retailling for US $9.99. It is part of the Episode VI line. This set depicted Luke against two Scout troopers on speeder bikes, when in actuality, Leia was also supposed to be there.



The set consists of a small Endor tree on a green base and two speeder bikes. This was the first time that Lego® released speeder bikes. These vehicles would later bee used in a number of other sets and would be redesigned many times.


The Scout troopers included in the set were the old version, with having black goggles printed on the minifigure's head (Instead of the newer version using all black heads). It was also the first set to include the Endor version of Luke, and was the first Endor set. The Luke Skywalker minifigure comes with a green lightsaber. Description

Race through the forest on speeder bikes!

On the forest moon of Endor, the best way to get around is on these quick and maneuverable speeder bikes. This pair of flying bikes comes with two scout troopers and Luke Skywalker who's ready for battle with his lightsaber!