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The 7107 Lightsaber Duel was released in 1999 and was one of the first Lego® Star Wars sets. The set contains 50 pieces and two minifigures. It includes a Qui-Gon Jinn minifigure with a green lightsaber and a Darth Maul minifigure with a single-bladed red lightsaber, an FC-20 speeder bike and a moisture vaporator. The vaporator was an oddity, and was not present in the movie.



  • This is the first set to include a Qui-Gon Jinn minifigure.
  • This is the first set to include a Darth Maul minifigure. Description

Has Qui-Gon met his match?

Speeding in on his Sith speeder, Darth Maul confronts Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn. With his double-bladed lightsaber, Darth Maul duels Qui-Gon Jinn near a moisture vaporator. The battle between good and evil begins.