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The 4504 Millennium Falcon is the second version of the Millennium Falcon produced by Lego®. The set was released in 2003, containing 985 pieces.


This set had a roof made up of hinged triangular panels that could be opened to reveal the interior, and a center circular piece could be removed to access the turret. It was furnished with a hyperdrive engine, a Dejarik hologame board, storage for tools, an escape pod, and a parka holder. The port docking ring had a lowering ramp underneath, and the starboard docking ring could be opened to launch the escape pod. It had a larger, more detailed cabin than the previous 7190, and a more detailed gun turret. The escape pod was better designed than the previous one, and had controls inside and sticker details on the outside. The roof, docking rings, and floor were assembled with smaller bricks instead of made of one large piece, which was also an improvement. Description

Build an all-new Millennium Falcon™!

One of the most popular LEGO Star Wars models is back with a whole new look! This Millennium Falcon includes more features, new Mini-figures and much more. Open the triangular plates on the top of the ship to see inside, or remove the entire top for adventures inside the vessel. Pull out the starboard hatch lid and lower the boarding ramp so your favorite Star Wars heroes can get on board. Put Han in the pilot's seat to control the moveable gun turret and you're ready to take off. If Imperial ships close in, just open the port hatch and use the special escape pod. No LEGO Star Wars collection is complete without this awesome model! Includes Chewbacca, C-3PO, Snowtrooper, and new Hoth Han Solo and Princess Leia Mini-figures.